Honesty & Integrity

FMR has established a strong reputation that customers are treated fairly. It is our commitment that all our customers get paid for all of their scrap metal. We are committed that our customers get their metals correctly graded to ensure that they receive the correct value for their metals.

It is also our committment that all of our sites have external weighbridge clocks. Customers can therefore clearly see that their metals are being weighed correctly.

FRM policy is that, all scrap metal delivered either by a customer or by our collection service can be re-weighed to confirm that the weights provided to our customers are accurate. In addition when undertaking site clearance work for a client, FMR will locate a weighbridge close to the site in question so the client can see the scrap metals being correctly weighed. These weights can then be compared against the weights once the scrap metal is received at a FMR site. At FMR we regularly service and test our weighbridges and have them assessed by independent experts to ensure accuracy.

At FMR our commitment to you, our customer, is that you

Get Paid for Every Kilo. Every-time.