Environmentally Responsible

Scrap Metal is a useful and versatile resource. The activities of FMR directly contribute to the level of recycling being achieved. At FMR our operations directly contribute to a positive impact on the environment as recycling scrap metal uses less energy, emits less CO2 and other Green House Gases, uses less water and other valuable resources and is less damaging to the environment than refining new metals from virgin ores. At FMR we are committed to recycling 100% of all scrap metal received and maximising the benefit to the environment.

The operations of FMR also seek to minimise the amount of metals being lost to landfill. It is our belief that scrap metal is too valuable a resource to be waste. FMR is committed to ensuring that the risks to the local environment from our operations are mitigated. As such FMR operates in partnership with both the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that our operations are fully compliant with environmental legislation.

At FMR our commitment is to:

Maximise Recycling. Minimise Eco Impact.